Mumbai – the city of contrasts / Elephanta Island

Two days ago I arrived in Mumbai. Mumbai is a city full of contradictions. You will find poor and rich, new and old, Victorian style buildings, skyscrapers and shandy huts in the slums. Everything is existing next to each other in its extremest variations. 

Elephanta island and its unesco world heritage cave is really stunning to see as the statues of the Hindu mythology are huge and impressing even though the Portuguese rulers had tried to destroy them.

Yesterday I visited the Mahatma Gandhi Museum in Mumbai. It is the former house of Gandhi-ji where he resided between 1917 and 1934. From this place he organised strikes, demonstrations and maintained letter friendships with important statesmen and other personalities. In the museum there’s a huge library, a auditorium showing a documentary on Gandhi-ji’s life and a collection of letters (very curious was the letter to Hitler asking him to keep the world peace).

t is very impressive to think that the father of Indian independence lived and worked here for almost 20 years. His vision a non-violent society without casts, poverty and hate was so revolutionary. We all can only agree on his vision and work for a likewise society.

Next destination: Delhi





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