Last two days of India – Delhi sightseeing

On the 10th and 11th April I had my last two full days in India.
I had two wonderful days in Delhi! Thanks to my friend Jatin I could cover almost all the important sites in Delhi even though the 10th was Election Day (which is also a holiday in India :D). Thank you so much for your hospitality Jatinji!

I visited the Rock edict of king Asoka, the Hare Krishna Iskon temple, the Red Fort, the huge Jama Masjid mosque and the Lotus Temple of the Bahai’i (unfortunately it was closed).

Two months of India are over now!

I had an amazing time with so many different experiences.
I met so many new people who became so close friends!
I travelled over 3700 km by train and bus and saw all kind of things of nature and human nature.
I made so many inter-human experiences during my time as volunteer!
I learned from the stories of great teachers as Buddha, Gandhi, Vivekananda, Mother Teresa or Tagore how to be a good person!
I’ve just learned to be on my own and to be totally responsible for my actions!
I learned to appreciate the beauty of life and to be happy for who you are!
I learned to handle difficult and risky situations!
I think I’ve become a man of more awareness about the meaning of life!

Thank you everybody who was a part of my journey.

Next stop: Sri Lanka – the land of the cricket world champions 🙂











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