The Royal Palace and the Emerald Buddha – last day in Bangkok

Enshin Power in Bangkok!

On my last day here in Bangkok Fritz and myself went to visit the royal Grand Palace and the Wat Kreaw where the Emerald Buddha is kept in.
A place to meditate even though there are hundreds of tourists.
The palace truly shows the former power and wealth of the Thai king and the royal family.
Very impressive constructions and art has been used to build this building complex.
I can’t believe that four months of traveling and volunteering is over.
Tomorrow morning I fly back to Germany. I can’t describe what I’ve experienced during this time but I’m very thankful to every experience and everyone.
Thanks to my fluently Thai speaking brother Fritz who made the stay in Bangkok unforgettable
Goodbye Thailand! Goodbye Asia! Hope to see you soon 🙂BildBildBildBildBildBildBildBildBildBildBildBildBildBildBildBildBildBild



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