Arrived and warmly welcomed!

I arrived yesterday in Aberdeen which has a even tinier airport than Basel. Even though we arrived well my „flight-karma“ striked again. British Airways hadn’t put my suitcase with other 90 ones in the plane. But it would definitely come with the next flight. Anyway I could collect in the evening. After arrival we were fetched by volunteers of the Aberdeen University Student’s Union and during the ride we were given a brilliant introduction and they made us really feel welcome. University would send busses while day long to fetch students. An amazing service! The students apartments in Hillhead are very international and you get into contact with people tremendously fast. As there are only „freshers“ in the student resident halls, everyone is new and has to find out how this works. But the volunteers do a great job of accompanying us through all the process. It’s pretty warm and sunny here. Let’s how long it’s going to stay 🙂


The journey begins!

Leaving Basel quite soon. Let’s see what Aberdeen is up to!

A new journey…

Traveling has caught me again but this time in a different sense: I will be in Aberdeen, Scotland for two Erasmus semesters! This will not only beva fantastic academic experience but furthermore an enriching time meeting new people and a new step for me. As there will many opportunities to travel around in U.K. I will keep you updated 🙂 After three years back on a big journey. Let’s do this! 

Back in Germany!

Back in Germany!
To be reunited with the family after four months was wonderful. I was overwhelmed by happiness.
I arrived in the evening of the 3rd of May in Frankfurt.
Thank you everyone who made the last four months unforgettable!
I’ve learned so much. These experiences will remain my whole life!
Thank you!

The Royal Palace and the Emerald Buddha – last day in Bangkok

Enshin Power in Bangkok!

On my last day here in Bangkok Fritz and myself went to visit the royal Grand Palace and the Wat Kreaw where the Emerald Buddha is kept in.
A place to meditate even though there are hundreds of tourists.
The palace truly shows the former power and wealth of the Thai king and the royal family.
Very impressive constructions and art has been used to build this building complex.
I can’t believe that four months of traveling and volunteering is over.
Tomorrow morning I fly back to Germany. I can’t describe what I’ve experienced during this time but I’m very thankful to every experience and everyone.
Thanks to my fluently Thai speaking brother Fritz who made the stay in Bangkok unforgettable
Goodbye Thailand! Goodbye Asia! Hope to see you soon 🙂BildBildBildBildBildBildBildBildBildBildBildBildBildBildBildBildBildBild


Wat Arun and Wat Pho – the cultural birth of the Thai kingdom

Went with Fritz to visit the very ancient and important Buddhist temples of Bangkok:

Wat Pho and Wat Arun.

In Wat Pho visitors are astonished by the big golden lying Buddha.
Wat Arun which is considered as the birthplace of the Thai kingdom has an amazing view on the Chao Praya.

As Burmese invaders attacked the first capital of the Thais which was Ayutthaya the Thai kings united and made Krung Thep (Bangkok) their capital. Wat Arun and Wat Pho represent this time of the Thai resurrection.

A place of quiteness compared to the rest of Bangkok. It was fun to take the boat to these two sacred places.




Arrived in Bangkok – Reunion with Fritz

Reunion with my white Thai brother Fritz in Bangkok in the evening of the 29th of April. Discovering the city by night.

Fritz is a teacher for one year in a school for bling kids in Lopburi. He speaks Thai fluently which makes may things easier. I was very happy to see him after almost one year. He trains in our dojo and we used to sing in the Boys Choirs a little kids.

It is fantastic to see how quick the world and our lives are changing. Sometimes it is so fast that we don’t even realize.